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The Less Comfortable Side of Acting

Covid-19 changed the entertainment industry (and much of the world) and for a while now the industry is very quiet and almost no new projects are created. So when I was cast, I was very excited to get back on set and act in films again and doing what I love to do.

In acting, you have to be ready for anything… working in comfortable or difficult conditions, working on funny or scary projects, working on small sets, or all over a city, working with amazing partners, or even working alone.

For the past 2 weeks, the conditions that I filmed in, were not the most comfortable. The weather was very hot which made the work difficult (in terms of concentration and energy mainly) and made the days seem long. The first movie that I filmed in these conditions is called “Battle of the Bozos” produced by Mark Rose and Team Dharma Productions (This was filmed for the 48 Hour Global Film Challenge).  When filming the “Battle of the Bozos” the temperature was around 95°F and there was barely any shade. We moved locations every hour, walking around the town with our costumes. Keep in mind that I had makeup on, was wearing black jeans, a long sleeve jacket over a shirt, and a hat. I was sweaty and sticky and my armpits were a whole other story. Let’s put sweat and heat aside for a moment, This experience involved diving into the world of clowns, magic, and lots of cool tricks. Moreover, this project was funny and very entertaining as it involved one of the characters getting pied in the face! First time I saw this happen live…!

You can watch this short film here:

The second project I filmed was an episode for a TV series called “The Calling Of Lizzy McBride” by Steve Scott. I woke up very early in the morning that day and headed straight on to the road. We drove a couple of hours to get there. The place that we filmed in (the Shubael Little Pioneer Village in Cannelton, IN), in the woods, was infested with ticks & mosquitos and it was also very hot. We finished filming at dark and drove a couple of hours to get back home. I got home exhausted, but I had to make sure I had no ticks on me. I started searching my whole body for ticks and I was able to pull out 3 ticks off my skin! But even with all this inconvenience- it was a very special experience being on this set. Although the storyline of the project was based in the 1920s the pioneer village that we filmed in, was built in the 1850s. the scenery was relaxing and beautiful. It’s nice getting involved in projects that you actually learn from. In this case, I learned about the history of these pioneers and the way they lived.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that when you are passionate about what you do, you are willing to run the extra mile and work under tough conditions & in less comfortable environments.

After all, I’m doing what I love.



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