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Yuvi Hecht talks about Pretty Freekin Scary on Disney Channel and much more!


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"ohh! ahh! It's Yuvi in model mode."

No need to Strongarm us with this pose. Attire is beautifully expressive. Camera catches all your great angles. Long sleeve was an excellent choice --workout much (: ?- Head tilt with broad shoulders (be "Looking at ME!" lol) intimidating. The pants fits your legs perfect (A Definite Milk drinker.) Your socks and shoes Style Sharp. Added white undershirt --Really not needed (; lol. js.

Why on a stool? Stools seem 'teetering on collapse' with my butt on one. But your stool looks firmly planted with roots.

Where did those curly curls go? That flowing hair -- on Top! It looks movement flowing even within this still photo.

Your Handsome looks, no photo editing…

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