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My first week of training

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Last week on Saturday was my first week of training at the “John Casablancas Training Center”. We practiced slating which is when you say your name, and the name of your agency at an audition, or to a camera. After that we “walked the runway”. It's basically a cat walk. We cat walked with music and slated in front of 2 professional models louder than the music that was on a speaker. It was so amazing to see all of the people there clapping and cheering for me while I walked the runway (they all clapped louder when i walked…obviously.) You know how actors walk in slow motion in movies with like explosions and fire behind them. That's how i felt when i was walking. I felt that just that first day of training opened a huge door for me into the industry. (I posted a short video of me walking the runway on my Instagram at @yuvi_hecht. I also posted a video of me auditioning for the John Casablancas Training Center on my YouTube channel "YuviTube".)

After we finished with all of the parents cheering and the kids modeling, we went inside to a room and learned tons of new words that we needed to know in the entertainment industry. We took notes and learned the definition of the words. My first week of training was so cool and I can't wait for my next training session next week.

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