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Hollywood experience- The whole nine yard!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

My experience in LA was unforgettable and was absolutely awesome. I flew to Los Angeles, Hollywood to get familiar with the entertainment industry, learned some acting 101 skills from Matthew Underwood, Sean Flynn and Jennifer Veal, and filmed a short movie.

with my sister, Tamar, Matthew Underwood, Sean Flynn & Jennifer Veal

First I had six fantastic days of training. We practiced the script for “The Unicorn Sisters”, where I had a lead part, we performed our monologues and we met the famous film executive producer, Jonathan Bogner. After those six days we were off to film the revolutionary short movie “The Unicorn Sister’s”, alongside Matthew Underwood and Sean Flynn, using a new technology employing 3D 4K virtual studio systems powered by the Unreal Video Game Engine in 3 days time.(Soon I will be allowed to reveal more information about the movie.)

2 days after we finished filming the movie we had the chance to walk the red carpet at the movie premiere. It was such an awesome experience to walk on the carpet. We took photos with awesome people and felt what it's like to be a star.

At the premiere we got to see the first edit/draft of “The Unicorn Sisters.”

I thought it was fabulous! It was so cool to see myself in the cinema on the big screen with hundreds of people watching at the same time as me.

I loved the movie and i hope you guys will too.

I will write again for you guys soon!

Make sure to check my youtube channel YuviTube for a new video about an exciting audition.



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