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A Quick Recap

My last year has been amazing for me and my career. I know I have not posted a blog in a while and I’m sorry. In the past year, I have done many things. I was in plenty of short films, I did some photoshoots, and I was also in the magazine that went to every house in my city. My most memorable moment from all of these things is probably one of the photoshoots that I did at Macy’s (you can see all of this on my Instagram @yuvi_hecht). We would all be in the dressing rooms trying out clothes. Once we got out we could see hundreds of people clapping and screaming. Cameras shuttering. The moment I saw all this, it made me feel like a star. Like a celebrity with paparazzi. It felt awesome. But that’s not even the best part. All of the items we wore, WERE 50% OFF! It was a moment that I would remember in my life. Same with me being in the magazine. It looked crazy. I got a magazine in the mail and BOOM! There I am. I could not believe it. I just recently got another role for a movie coming up called “Tunning It Out”. I can not wait to say the least.

Apart from that, we have a horrible pandemic going on right now, and I know it can be hard sometimes. It can also get very boring sometimes. You guys just need to stay tough and stay inside. And you guys need to know that you are not alone. We are all in this together. Literally. Stay tuned for more updates because I will write more often!



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