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Hi! I'm

yuvi hecht


Hi! My name is YUVI HECHT!


Yuvi is a young actor with experience not only in film, but also in commercials & modeling.  He played in a revolutionary short film (using 3D 4K virtual studio systems powered by Unreal Video Game Engine), that was submitted to the Oscars, alongside Matthew Underwood (Zoey101) and Jennifer Veal (Jessie). 

Over the past 2.5 years, Yuvi is constantly working to improve upon his acting skills through acting classes and auditioning mentoring sessions.  He completed a modeling/TV/film program in John Casablancas training center and worked with the photographer Sebastian Smith from NY. He walked the runway in Macy’s during a fashion week. 

Yuvi has been working non-stop to build up his resume. He has worked in several genres including comedy, horror, and drama, and is constantly being cast in short indie films & commercials. 

He was born in Hong-Kong, lived in Vienna, Austria & now he lives in the US. He holds German & Israeli passports & speaks 3 languages. Yuvi is a strong athlete and plays on a soccer team. He enjoys playing guitar, writing his blog, surfing, and diving.

Looking forward to working in the Emmy Award USA TV series or in feature films. 

When I DO something I'm  PASSIONATE about - 

INSPIRATION comes from within ME.



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